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^^from ^^the ^^other ^^side To start, [this]( section of the forums still exists and has still existed for months but has been pretty much ignored by folks. The devs and administration simply cannot keep up with every single suggestion made on the subreddit as it is a poor avenue for development discussion. Posts and comments get lost brigaded, etc. You may continue discussing balance issues and plugins on the subreddit and we *might* see them but only posts made on the forums in the development section will be seriously considered and evaluated by the development team and the administration. This will streamline, simplify, and provide a concentrated area where players can see what changes have been proposed, discussed, and enacted. Comments, concerns, and critique of the forums and their layout, color scheme etc. can be made [here]( [Ragnarok]( is still happening when time allows for it and there will be much more than just some silly mobs and simple sharding. Timing is everything and we want all hands on deck for the biggest and most interesting event that Civcraft has ever seen. --- Now, as has been theorized, suggested, and what not, the upcoming "2.5" update, which was to be preceded by Ragnarok, will not only be sharding focused but focusing on rectifying a number of balance issues regarding the server's economy, PvP, and usability whilst adding a number of new game changing plugins like Contraptions. This has been in the works for months now as the scope of changes Civcraft needs is quite large and has required much thought and effort. From 2.5 we plan on building the future of Civcraft. Unfortunately, in our determination to "waterfall" 2.5 we neglected some of the immediate balance and gameplay issues that had been plaguing the server. There has been a tremendous amount pf discussion on these issues amongst the devs and administration but our solutions have generally been pushed off to 2.5. Therefore, in the meantime, we're looking to do some basic balance changes to how the economy works on the server. The first of which will be a refunding of crates upon decompaction. Discussion on this change and other future changes can be found [here]( Think of these changes as "2.2" or "2.05" whilst we build towards 2.5 and the future of Civcraft. To quote our Glorious Leader, "As always, thank you for your time." -The [Radmins]( (and [the Devs](